Water Damaged

Four-year-olds are always right. They just are.

Well, with one caveat, since they’re lower to the ground, they notice things like leaks on the undersides of toilets.

Ok, so my example is probably limiting int it’s scope, but it is applicable. Turns out that while I was bathing Raelyn last night she noted a small leak coming from her commode. I briefly tightened the valve affixing the water source to the tank and went to bed happy.

Flash forward to this morning and my 7am haze as I let the dog out to do her business and I nearly snapped my own neck slipping on a puddle in my kitchen.

Turns out the leak had continued unabated through the night, leak through the bathroom tiles into the ceiling/floor, pooled into the light fixture in our kitchen and dripped it’s way out over the course of the nigh.


Long story short (too late), slight water damage to the kitchen floor, water still in the light fixture, water stains on the ceiling, water shut off at Raelyn’s toilets.

So more of a summation than anything else. Sorry to ramble. Will report more when I can survey the damage after work.

Why is home ownership so hard? Why didn’t I listen to my daughter? Why is either of us still writing/reading?


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