Not that my unbridled passion or piercing political insight carry much weight, especially all these miles away from Iowa, but I’m throwing my hat into the ring for Sen. Barack Obama. I can’t really put my finger on one issue in particular, but he’s not a Clinton and he’s not a Bush clone (insert any autocrat/authoritarian Republican candidate) and his message is positive, hopeful and inclusive.

I’m like Brian Bailey, in reverse, I suppose – preternaturally disposed to the Democratic candidate, but open to the prospect of John McCain. For that matter I’m like fellow Atlantan, the ATL Malcontent and all those collegiate Iowans.

But if you’re looking for teh funny on this eve of political madness – a long national nightmare that won’t really be over until the swearing-in of our next president at about this time next year – then see below. All good.

  1. The GOP Primary Field in Buffy Villains
  2. Photos Of Candidates From The Iowa Caucus That Kind Of Resemble Movie Posters

And on a non-political, non-funny note, Owen turns 6 months old today. Hard to believe I’ve been a father of two for half a year.

Here’s to many more father and son posts and memories! I highly endorse parenthood!

Happy Caucusing!

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  1. Embeddable Friday…

    I’ve already endorsed a candidate for President but since everybody and their brother has done this quiz, I figured I might as well and post the results:
    88% Mike Gravel88% Dennis Kucinich80% Barack Obama78% Chris Dodd77% John Edwards75% Joe Bide…

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