Find 815

If you’re not keeping up with the hype of of Lost’s pre-season 4, time to jump aboard. If you’re one of those folks who thought The Lost Experience and all those fake Hanso ads were useless, stop reading now. Everyone else, jump on in.

So about a week ago ABC did some stealth marketing in several American cities (LA, Portland, Miami) some International locales (Seoul, Sydney) and a couple of curious choices (Knoxville, TN; Ames, IA) all touting Oceanic Airlines and it’s new site,

Embedded in the video on the site is a message from “Sam” whose “partner” was a flight attendant on Oceanic 815. The video leads you to the game/site Here you hunt for clues, watch additional videos and find out about some other sites/mysteries.

I won’t spoil the fun for you, but there are some pretty cool mini-games and the obligatory hunt for usernames and passwords. Losties who did this sort of thing won’t be disappointed. Plus, you can save your progress with your own username and password [so at least you’ll know one combination 😉 ]. And ABC is updating with additional content and “chapters” leading up to the premiere, so keep going back.

Keep an eye out for a couple of numbers you can call to “learn” more of the story and dig up some clues. One is free the other isn’t.

A couple of quick points:

Just a few more weeks until Season 4 on January 31!

Get Lost!

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