On Writing

I’m not much of a writer.

I play one on the blog, but most of the posts, if I’m being honest with myself, are little more than rushed notes about someone else work or somesuch nonsense as a YouTube video.

Not exactly the stuff of legend or novel or even professional, published (with paper) writer. Basically, I’m a lazyblogger.

But I don’t want to be. I aspire for greatness. I want to do better, I just can’t eat all my peas.

Maigh gives me hope though. Wil Wheaton too.

Seems as though we all have trouble getting getting out of bed and keeping ourselves motivated.

The real trick is just getting started. Putting fingers to keyboard and hacking away.

Of course, that didn’t work out for these folks:

It’s not that it’s:Soup Soup a tasty soup soupA spicy carrot and corriander, chilli chouderCrouton croutoncrunchy friends in a liquid broth!I am gaspactcho, Oh!I am a summer soup mm!Miso MisoFighting in the dojo!Miso Miso!Oriental Prince in the land of soup!

Still, I’m pressing. This is the year I graduate from navel-gazing, mopy, down-trodden complainer to writer.

Stay tuned, I’ll likely (definitely) blog it.

BONUS LINK: What is the definition of “writing?”

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  1. Regular Posting…

    Nope, not a reference to last week, a potty pun. Don’t smile, it only encourages me.
    I’ve started eating Oatmeal again.
    Usually at either breakfast or lunch.
    Always the good stuff, (Old Fashioned NOT Quick/Instant) Quacker Oats.
    Now you ge…

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