Over the Snowy Hump

I had grand (ok, not-so-grand) designs on writing a post about music and photography today. Life had other plans.

Rae actually got dressed today. No pajamathon like yesterday.
Rae rode her bike. Dad and Owen shivered their approval and caught her when she fell.
Rae went out in the SNOW! She ate more than she should have and had hot chocolate after.

Flickr photos as proof, not just of Rae’s exploits, but also the SNOW! IN! GEORGIA!

Many awesome opportunities for father/progeny bonding (both son & daughter) and, did I mention, SNOW!

Were it not for the fact that I’m already taking the entire week off to spend at home with the kids while Jenn is in Leeds I would totally be having a grade-school freakout about the SNOW! and the possibility of canceled work.


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