Red Morning Light

Ya ever have that one song that crawls into your ear canal and won’t let go?

You’re humming it in the shower, not knowing the lyrics? You’re singing it full-throated in traffic (at least the 1/5 of the chorus that’s intelligible)? You don’t know where you heard it, who sings it or if it’s just a clever jingle, but you need it like a drug?

Yeah, me too.

This week that song is Red Morning Light by Kings of Leon. It’s on an album I actually purchased at some point and not just torrented. Swear to god.

The thing is, I don’t remember liking this song then as much as I do now. I was all in to Molly’s Chambers, which was in a VW Jetta ad.

Unfortunately, YouTube has taken down all a bunch of VW ads off their site and there’s nary a mention on, although I did learn about another musical endeavor between VW and Wilco, of which I was previously unaware. Kismet (and good music).

Here’s another VW ad that features the track Molly’s Chambers, but I don’t think this is the original one. If you know better, let me know. 😉

Red Morning Light is in a newer ad, also for a car company, this time the Ford Focus. Thankfully, that ad is on YouTube.

Anyhow, this whole sordid stuck-in-head/do some research on the internet/listen to good tunes cycle has me wondering two things:

  1. How cool would it be to pick the music in car ads?
  2. A: Pretty damn cool

  3. What other ads have infiltrated my brain through music but haven’t punctured my conscious mind
  4. Anybody else craving steak? No? Just me then?

    Bonus question:

  5. What other albums do I own that I’ve forgotten or overlooked their coolness
  6. The mind boggles. iTunes/iPod on random for a while

Nighty-night bloggerinos!

2 thoughts on “Red Morning Light

  1. Drew says:

    In response to question 1: Cool job, but I always wanted to have the job where you make up interesting names for the colors of products. Getting paid to sit around and think of dozens of ways to say something is blue without just calling it blue always intrigued me (Prussian blue, midnight, sapphire, you get the point).

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