The Whigs …

… are rocking my headphones and work laptop speakers since last week.

I’m very late to the party here though:

I’ve listened to about half of the disc’s (Mission Control on Dave Matthews’ ATO Records) tracks and I really like it. Rock N Roll with very few frills. I highly recommend it if you’re a fan of something less hipster/punk than The Strokes or more raw than current Foo Fighters (and more like the old Foo Fighters).

Folks curious to actually hear some tunes can check out The Hype Machine, their official site or MySpace.

They’ll be at The Earl on Friday and The 40 Watt on Saturday, so if you’re in Atlanta or Athens you oughta try and catch their CD release shows.


2 thoughts on “The Whigs …

  1. I’ve been recently forced to go back to work at the restaurant(s) where I earned a living during my last two years on college. In my absence, one of them has become much more club like and plays lots and lots of hip-hop, which I really can’t stand.

    No one seems to take seriously my suggestion that they add some Flogging Molly to the playlist.

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