Capture the Flag

Back in Middle School and High School I spent a TON of late nights around our neighborhood pool or the surrounding woods playing capture the flag. It’s like king of the hill with an emphasis on subterfuge, nightfall and some small amount of ninja lore.

Or at least that was the case with the geeks I knew.

Now I’m playing a game, World of Warcraft, more than a dozen years later and the current object of my obsession is the Battleground the Arathi Basin.

For those of you not afflicted with the addiction that is WoW, Battlegrounds – Arathi Basin particularly for me right now – is like a melding of king of the hill and capture the flag. At it’s core you have 15 players versus 15 players vying for the control of 5 bases/resources/nodes and maintaining control of those locations.

I must have played for 2 hours the other night (a short span for most WoW players) managing to lose a mind-numbing 5 times straight. Losing sucks.

But I remain optimistic even in defeat. I can still vividly recall being an awkward, gangly teen doing my best to creep through brush and capture the flag only to be discovered and beaten (in the game, not literally) by someone smaller, faster and sneakier.

I guess I fit the profile of your average geek. Explains why I’m loving WoW so much right now.

Anyhow, happy gaming. I hope you capture your flag.

2 thoughts on “Capture the Flag

  1. I just recently canceled my account. It runs through mid Feb. I wasn’t having that much fun questing. Capture the flag was my favorite mode to play in Halo/QuakeA/UnrealT. I might have to check Battlegrounds out before I let my account lapse.

  2. Drew says:

    Aaack. Reading this made me start twitching and thinking about reupping my subscrip. BG’s were what kept me into WoW much longer after raiding got old.

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