Last year I had a little bit of job change that I don’t know if I mentioned here on the blog. Wait, I did indeed.

One of the “new” bits of the new job actually deals with old movies. Well, not all of them are old, but they’re all classics since Turner Classic Movies is the only commercial-free network for fans of classic Hollywood – from actors and actresses to directors and studios.

The reason I’m blogging this again (who knew) is that my new boss, Jonathan Karron, gets a mention in this week’s Creative Loafing as part of a larger article on TCM. It’s a really nice look at the network from inception to present, detailing it’s creative vision, the people who work here and some sausage-making, corporate workings.

All I know is this: it’s really cool to work so closely with people who have such an unbridled LOVE for what they do. These folks (and I’m peripherally one of them now) are all classic film fans who want to share their passion, knowledge and access with others. Plus, it’s TV and that’s always fun (see ANY of my previous posts/comments about working for TBS & TNT).

And this isn’t mean only to be some kind of rah-rah post. I just think it’s worth mentioning from an insider’s perspective that we, collectively, are really energized by the TCM brand, people and programming. Wouldn’t you want to be involved with something so universally admired and lauded by the folks who use/watch it?

Mostly it’s a way for me to:

  • See how well my blog/pagerank effectively influences results for someone’s given name
  • See? I’m always working. Even if it is for SEO/SEM vanity-blogging about someone else.


  • Link to, TCM’s blog
  • It’s their only blog right now, but TCM is such a cool brand with such devout (devoted?) fans and ever-changing, truly classic content, it’d be neat to have more.

    No insider knowledge professed. Just wishin’ n hopin’ n spitballin’

  • Think up cool stuff and vet it here
  • I don’t do it often, but here’s a for instance: should TCM do one of those en vogue single-serving-sites (SSS)?

    TBS has one. Why not TCM?

    Leave a suggestion in the comments.

Honestly, this is why I love the internet and blogging. I’m connected to something cool on both ends and I’d like your help being better glue.

Or some such metaphor. YMMV.

Anyhow, read the article, Google for my boss’ name, check out Movie Morlocks and let me know what you think of my cockamamie schemes.

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