Lost: Eggtown

I’m so stupid I had to have the title explained by my wife.

Locke gave Ben the last two eggs and killed a chicken.

Besides that being a reference to him being some kind of mystic/shaman/voodoo priest, it also illustrates his willingness not just to talk the talk of leadership but also to literally/figuratively get his hands dirty.

Blogging is fun!

On to the thoughts:

  • Aaron
  • He’s the elephant blonde-headed boy in the room. He’s the one your colleagues will be all talking about tomorrow. He’s the man of the hour.

    “He” is also the “Him” Kate referred to in earlier Flashforwards. There’s a kludgy sentence: “earlier Flashforwards”. Score one for clarity of purpose, if not description.

    Anyhow, we have multiple possibilities on his origins:

    * Love-child of Sawyer & Kate.
    PRO: Blonde hair.
    CON: If he was conceived on the island, could he have made it off (assuming some of our previous time travel discussions)?

    * Love-child of Jack & Kate.
    PRO: It might help to explain why Jack wouldn’t want to see him (he thinks he’ll screw things up as his dad did).
    CON: Blonde hair and the fact that the AD didn’t mention him in her cross examination of Jack. She only went for the love angle.

    * Adopted child of Kate/Jack’s nephew/Claire’s “Aaron”:
    PRO: this would be the most likely case. Jack wants to make sure his nephew gets rescued/Claire wants her baby saved if she can’t be or is somehow killed.
    CON: Why wouldn’t there have been more scrutiny of his heritage or discussion of the child in the trial (Kate’s misgivings to her lawyer notwithstanding, but maybe here she was referring to Jack when she said “him”)? Also, if it’s not her biological grandchild, why would Kate’s mom be so eager to see him?

    * The offspring of Kate & Ben:
    PRO: It’s the biggest logical leap I’ve taken thus far, but since all the Oceanic Six seem united in keeping the other survivors safe from being found and we know that at least one (Sayid) is actively working w/ Ben, is it really so much of stretch to think that Aaron might be his son?
    CON: There’s no proof anywhere, except the kid looked a little bit not quite right. I’m stretching, I know.

  • Books
  • The first one that Locke gives Ben is Philip K. Dick’s Valis.

    I’ve never read Dick (insert joke here) but I do know Blade Runner and Total Recall, both film derivations of his short stories.

    VALIS seems to tread on some similar themes of identity, uncertainty and spirituality/religion (mostly Gnosticism). Check marks on all points for LOST as well.

    What I find most interesting is that the protagonist of VALIS is apparently an author surrogate even though the author also appears in the work. Could this be more proof that Ben and Jacob are aspects of the same man at different times/in different dimensions?

    I’m sure smarter folks then me are deconstructing the whole VALIS connection, but if you didn’t know, that was the book.

    I couldn’t catch Sawyer’s reading material. If you caught a glimpse, let me know. Nothing is meaningless in LOST.

  • The Oceanic Six
  • Who are the other two?
    Is “Aaron” truly one of the six?
    Will we know the names of the supposed “Oceanic Eight” per the lies of Jack/Kate (and presumably Hurley/Sayid +2)?
    Is Ben one of the Six?
    EW hints at some of this in their interview w/ Cuse & Lindelof. Read it.

  • John Locke, man of definitive action
  • If you can’t find magical answers from a man in a hut or extract them from a bloodied pulp of a man in a cell (and I love all the parallel storylines and Ben’s acknowledgment of same) just opt for a showy, symbolic gesture, like kicking Kate out of camp.

    Locke really doesn’t know what he’s doing. He’s the imperfect host to the greater god of Gnosticism inside us all.

    Or something like that. All I know is this: he has a knife and he cuts a mean melon (and threatens Miles meanly).

    That and he’s totally clueless (see Hurley’s guard duty). Here’s hoping Ben (or anyone else) sets him straight.

    I’d also hate for him to get off the island. I want him there. I think the island wants him there.

    I don’t want him to be one of the Oceanic Six.

  • It’s extortion if you want to get technical
  • Who is Miles’ employer?
    How does Ben know?
    Why would Miles choose money?
    Why $3.2 million (I’m w/ Ben)?
    He’s pretty confident in two things: 1) He’ll get off the island 2) Ben is good for the money and the delivery of same.

  • Card games
  • Was Daniel weirded out because he was losing his short-term memory or because he was gaining the ability to see the future?

    Also, do we think the fact that the helicopter wasn’t there is proof of some time rift? I sure do, though from the previews, next week holds some answers.

I’m tired and cranky tonight. Likely the weather.

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11 thoughts on “Lost: Eggtown

  1. Drew says:

    Leaving for work in a sec so not much time to give this the full attention it deserves, so I’ll try and sum up the theory I gave my wife last night:

    Time works differently on the island and off. We’ve seen it in the simplest form with Daniel’s beacon experiment. My math might be a little fuzzy (and we don’t know how long it really is in the non-island world from when the plane disappears and when the Oceanic Six are “found”), but with the difference in island time and the real world you could conceivably concoct a story that Aaron was both conceived and born on the island.

    Jack, Kate, and the rest of the O6 (which would be a great boy band name) agree on their cover story that includes 8 total survivors, with two deaths on the island. If Claire isn’t one of the deaths or part of the O6, they need to explain Aaron somehow. The story they agree on is that Jack and Kate got together on the island and Aaron is the kid. They make Kate into a hero and a mother to preemptively deal with her criminal problems waiting for her.

    Quick evidence:
    -The prosecutor wanted to know if Jack still loved Kate. Why would she wonder about it? Jack and Kate aren’t together, raising the child. They are very public figures at this point so it would be a question you ask an ex.
    -Jack has no interest in seeing Aaron, the tangible and innocent reminder of the lies the O6 are constantly repeating to the press and the world. The lies that eventually drive Jack to the bridge we saw at the end of Season 3.
    -Even Kate felt a little ill over having Jack tell the cover story again, this time in court under oath.
    -Kate knows she’s not pregnant. Emphatically. There’s more to this story I think.

    -So what happened to Claire?
    -Is that a live grenade in Miles’s mouth?
    -Is there an easier target for button pushing than Locke? And a better person for it than Ben?
    -Is there any product Dharma doesn’t make for the island? Boxed wine? Awesome.

  2. Two bits:

    1) Call it womans intuition, but I think Kate’s emphatic proclamation of not being pregnant represents the exact opposite. I think she was testing Sawyer.

    2) (Which doesn’t make much sense based on what I wrote above) – I believe that Aaron is Claire’s Aaron. Why, I have no idea.

    3) In previous espisodes Hurley (and others) have said “we have to go back” and “it wants us to come back”. Supposed they popped back to the real world in the wrong time and are buggering things up? I suppose this is related a bit to the grandfather theory Hunter mentioned previously.

    Mostly I’m rambling…but personally thought it was a great episode. I don’t mind it when they leave me with a metric @ssload of questions looming.

  3. I forgot I wrote that first line by the time I posted. Whoops. Is there an egg laying around somewhere I could put on my face?

    I swear I can count that high.

  4. Drew says:

    I agree with Maigh, I’m more than cool with lots of questions at the end of each episode. I love having something to occupy my brain in idle times.

    Reminds me of watching Twin Peaks back in the day, but with the assurance that the Lost creators have a plan for an end to the story instead of David Lynch huffing Scotch Guard before writing season 2 of Twin Peaks.

  5. I LOVE all the questions too. It’s almost more fun to catalog all the outliers and almost-certainties than it is to knowing the truth.


    My lurvely wife also seems to think the “Eggtown” title could have to do with ovulation/birth/death which would fit given all the baby talk about Claire/Aaron(s) and Jin/Sun.

    Plus, how hardcore is Locke to give Ben “the last two eggs” and then go kill the chicken that laid them? Answer: not very, he’s just a nutter.


  6. It’s a Law of Storytelling that you don’t needlessly double up character names. If Kate’s Aaron isn’t Claire’s Aaron, then there’s no reason to save his name for the last line of the episode. It’s not a shocker if it’s a coincidence. It’d be like, “I love you, too… Dwayne. [SHOCKING MUSIC!]”

    The title of PKD’s book, VALIS, is an acronym: Vast Active Living Intelligence System. Meditate on that.

    Sawyer was reading The Invention of Morel, which is about a fugitive hiding out on a deserted island, and some (relevant) weirdness that happens therein.

    How old is Aaron by the time we see him in the flash-forward? Has more time passed for him, just like more time has passed for Walt when compared to, say, the Lostaways?

  7. HunterMaxin says:

    I just want to point out one thing…

    THe psychic told Claire it was important she raised the child herself.

    I think – and obviously there are other possiblities – that this is Claire’s Aaron.

    More to come…busy day.

  8. Lost: The Constant…

    The only true constant in the world of Lost is that the episodes have always been riveting and tonight was no different.
    Here are the talking points:

    I’ve missed you, numbers. I’m glad you’re back.
    From Faraday’s 2.3…

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