Worth1000 was LOLcats first

You know, while I appreciate the wit and wisdom of sans-serif fonts skillfully coupled with pictures of cats, the real (and *only*, but definitely *first*) place for image-based humor is Worth1000.com.

They get tons of link-love from BoingBoing and I’m too lazy to search if I’ve mentioned them here, but it’s a good guess I have.

So recently they held one of their “contests” themed on mashing up (please find me a more appropriate/less loaded/non-marketer phrase for this) Muppets and Pop Culture.

The results:

Muppet Photoshop - Statler

Please note, I’m not the progenitor of the above photo. I just happen to like the intersection of politics, Muppets and well-done Photoshopping.

I’m also a fan of Ernie as Johnny Depp as Hunter S. Thompson, but that’s me.


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