Vince Vaughn’s Hammer Thumb

I knew I wouldn’t be the first person to notice Vince Vaughn’s Hammer Thumb and I really couldn’t say what sparked *that* topic in my mind today, but here you have it: Vince Vaughn’s Hammer Thumb is horrific, frankensteinian and totally legit.

Too legit to quit, in fact.

Maybe it’s because we’re playing Wedding Crashers on TBS this weekend.
Maybe it’s because I was told that if I shaved my beard I’d look a little like the man.
Maybe it’s because I’ve been thinking about my own malady/deformity (A pretty hideous bunion. Sorry for sharing.)

Whatever the case, Vince Vaughn’s Hammer Thumb is real, it’s here and it will haunt my nightmares for some time to come.


Leave a comment/link if you feel the need to bring more pain.

How did he do it?
Car accident, age 17.

Was he born that way?

Why, God, can’t he fix it?!
Heaven only knows.

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