Ficlet Friday: Clyde Corrigan

Today’s Friday Ficlet, Clyde Corrigan, is my own little attempt at historical fiction.

Here’s some background on the real Douglas (Clyde) “Wrong Way” Corrigan.

Initially I had the story titled Juddson Corrigan. First, because a co-worker’s husband is named Juddson (he goes by Judd). Corrigan just seemed to flow naturally. After that I did some googling and got my inspiration.

I stayed in my same romance mindset, but here it’s unrequited love instead of fulfilled, romantic love. Something different. You know, for the kids.

I also struggled a bit with the name of the woman but got it straightened out. From there it was your standard write/prune/re-write process I’ve employed before.

Not my best effort but one I’m happy to share. In fact, I had another concept slip through my mind while drifting off to sleep last night contemplating Lost.

This is the stand-in. I’m less than happy I had to use “Cali” as shorthand or instead of “CA” but those are the challenges of the Ficlet.

Hope you enjoy it. Comment and rate, please and thanks.

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