Lost: There’s No Place Like Home

I’m a few days late with my recap of Lost: There’s No Place Like Home. I was in NYC on Thursday for the 360i Digital Media Summit (recap of that coming *potentially* soon).

Anyhow, on to my brief thoughts:

  • Show Tropes
  • The Numbers as Odometer readings
    The show title as Wizard of Oz reference
    Sawyer referencing Jack’s “live together, die alone” speech, itself a show title (Season 1)
    108 as the day the Oceanic Six washes ashore in Sumba
    Hurley’s religious idol as Clue-style weapon
    I’m sure I’m missing more.

  • The Orchid
  • Who thinks it was Jacob sending/receiving Ben’s mirror signals?
    Is Ben’s “15 years” comment a reference to the timeframe in which he killed the Dharma scientists?
    Will we see any remnants of these experiments?
    What will Locke do once he uses the secret elevator?

    Ben’s description of moving the island:

    1. Dangerous
    2. Unpredictable
    3. A Measure Of Last Resort

    You think maybe Ben lost some measure of goodwill the last time he moved the island (I’m assuming) after killing off the Dharma Initiative.

  • Alpert & The Others
  • What is their stake in the island?
    Are they original Black Rock descendants?

  • Future’s Past
  • Who else cried thinking of all the heartache the Oceanic Six have yet to endure?
    We know now some of their secrets, so it was *really* bittersweet to think of those they left behind (or did they?) and how they would hurt in the future.
    Plus, we finally get confirmation of the Jack/Claire half-siblings to one of them.
    Why did Claire’s mom feel the need to share?
    Is she working for Ben or Widmore?

    How uncomfortable was that whole scene? “Your son is beautiful.” Spooky!
    Also, what do we make of Jack’s eulogy statement that he “loved” Christian. Past tense. Even if someone in my family were deceased I’d say “I love you”. Hrm.

    And how delicious was Sun’s hostile takeover? We’ve only seen the obvious parts of her post-island life: the birth of her child and mourning of Jin. THIS was meaty. I can’t wait to see where this story goes.

  • Oceanic Six
  • We’ve known their names for some time now.
    We know how they all get back.
    We know some of their futures.
    What we don’t know is how all the fighting (I’m presuming) conspires to these Six going home in the way we saw tonight.

    Who lives?
    Who dies?
    Who eventually makes it back?
    Why is Faraday being so helpful(?)

I could go on all night but brevity is the soul of wit tonight.

2 hour finale in 2 weeks, parts 2 & 3 of Lost: There’s No Place Like Home.

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