Lost: There’s No Place Like Home, Part 2

I’m actually waiting for Jenn to get home late from work again. It’s 10:16 PM and I haven’t even turned on the TV yet.

That said, chew on some of these links while I wait, then watch, then blog the Season 4 Finale of Lost, There’s No Place Like Home, Part 2.

More later


Ok, so it’s later now. Just a tad after midnight and we’ve just finished watching. God Bless TiVo!

Here are my thoughts, highly condensed, since the arguing will be more fun tomorrow anyhow.

  • Jeremy Bentham/John Locke
  • After more than a year of speculation (Season 3 ended back in May of 2007) we now know that John Locke was the man in flash-forward casket and that his “name” was Jeremy Bentham.

    Unseen, but discussed, were his meetings w/ the Oceanic Six concerning their return to the island.

    I’m intrigued by a few things.

    Why Ben can’t ever return to the Island?
    Who moved the island previously?
    I had previously posited Ben, since the timing would have been right – 15 years – of his overthrow of The Dharma Initiative using The Other.

    Jenn suggested Widmore which is tantalizing, but maybe it was Jakob. Or Christian.

    How Locke ended up off the island and dead?
    Was he not as careful as Ben?
    Was he killed off-island by Widmore?
    Who is the new leader? Sawyer? Charlotte? Miles?
    What did he tell Walt?
    Why would that lead Walt back to Hurley?
    Is Walt’s life in danger now?
    Does Ben mean to bring Walt back as well when he tells Jack “everyone” must return, even dead Locke?
    Will Aaron or Walt assume Locke’s Dalai Lama-like position as leader?
    Why did Hurley lie about Michael being alive to Walt?
    Is Christian *really* a ghost? Is that why/how he appeared to Michael?
    And what do we make of ghostly Claire in Kate’s dream?

  • Penny & Desmond
  • Is Ben still actively trying to kill Penny?
    Are they still together?
    Will Des & Jack meet in another life, brutha?
    Where are they hiding?
    Are they working against Charles Widmore/with Ben?
    Nice touches on the Portuguese crew (Season 2 finale reference) and the boat name: Searcher

  • Sun’s role
  • I think I mentioned this during last episode’s blog post, but we really hadn’t seen many substantive Sun flash-forwards until part one of There’s No Place Like Home. Sure, we knew she gave birth and that Jin didn’t come home, but that’s about it.

    Now we have a situation where Sun is speaking with the enemy – Widmore – and letting him know that others made it off the island too.

    Does she mean Desmond and Lapidus only or is positing (or does she know) about Daniel Faraday and the 5 or 6 redshirts?

    I think there’s strong evidence to suggest she wants to ruin as many lives as possible to get her husband back, but I also think she’s sly enough to be luring Widmore into Ben’s trap, especially if Locke/Bentham had met w/ her.

    By the way, Jenn and I thought Jeremy Bentham was the kookiest fake name he could have used. Leave it to Locke to be cheesier at the subterfuge thing than Ben.

  • Octagon Global Recruiting
  • Another ARG tie-in and a sly reference to some sort of Comic-Con presence. I signed up for the email updates. Wishing I could be in San Diego come July.

I’m done with the list (for tonight anyway). Here are more questions:

Who is Charlotte’s father?
Has she really been on the island before?
How much does Miles know?
Who is the leader of The Others in Locke’s absence?
Where is Lapidus?
Where is Faraday?
Do the Oceanic Six (plus dead Locke & Walt) return to the island?
What is the ultimate end-game?
How will the narrative be structured for the next two seasons?
What happens on the island that is Jack’s fault?

Nice touches:

  • Sawyer telling his secret wishes to Kate, so she can do them in the future
  • Older Walt timeline off-island (3 years) synching up w/ real-world, TV timeline
  • “Is this the magic box?” – Locke “No!” – Ben
  • What the Hell is, then?

  • Orchid video making it to TV
  • Viral sensation version is longer

  • “If you lie half as well as you lie to yourself, they’ll believe you” – Locke to Jack
  • “See you in another life, brother” – Jack to Desmond
  • Hope this is true

  • “I hope we never see each other again” – Jack to Lapidus
  • Hope this isn’t true

  • “Good command decisions get compromised by bad emotional responses” – Ben
  • His (and Locke’s) tragic flaw, beautifully articulated. Ben had *all* the really excellent lines tonight

I could go on but we’re pushing 1 AM. Leave multiple comments. Blog yourself and trackback.

Let’s continue this conversation for a while before we stop.



Runes (like those in the secret room within a secret room @ the Dharma barracks), a big wheel and Ben’s coat & injury!

I want to an update to that flash-forward timeline video now!

12 thoughts on “Lost: There’s No Place Like Home, Part 2

  1. Hunter Maxin says:

    Is CS Lewis Ben’s little Friend (Emily?)

    I think Sun meant Jeremy Benthem.

    WHAT DID LOCKE do to make things so bad?

    Let’s just admit it, “it’s not an island.” And I don’t think that’s a metaphor.

  2. I had the same thought about Charlotte, but I’m not so sure about Sun’s meaning.

    She may have meant Ben. She might not know that Ben & Widmore had met.

    I also wonder about how “dead” all the folks Hurley sees truly are? And it’s clear Sayid was taking Hurley back to the island against Hurley’s (and Sayid’s?) will at the behest/order of Ben.

  3. Interstingly Good Morning America showed alternate endings today that had Sawyer or Desmond in the coffin, I wonder how the dynamic of the last two seasons would have changed if they had to go to one of those scenarios

  4. I am with Jenn on this one – I think that Widmore was the last to move the Island. That is why he is not there any more and why he is having such a hard time finding it. As for Jacob and Christian – they were both still on the Island…kind of….

  5. Anne Fitzgerald says:

    A couple of thoughts:

    – Lockes LOVES the island, and by the end he was the new official king of the castle. With that in mind, what could have possibly been so bad to drive him to leave the island (willingly?) to go back to the mainland and leave his first love: the island. It must’ve been some pretty bad mojo.

    – I still think Christian plays a much, much bigger role in all this than we’ve been allowed to know. Yet.

    – My heart broke into about 3 million pieces when Walt said, “”I was waiting for one of you to come visit me, but nobody did.”

    – Ben: “time-traveling bunnies” ha!

    – CS Lewis = Emily; Miles = ?

    – If Locke is the new Ben (King of the Island), could Walt be the new Locke in the island’s future?

    – Sawyer’s “suicide/sacrifice”: a truly noble move for the guy. Glad he’s not a goner, and even more glad we got an obligatory shirtless wet sopping sauntering out of the ocean full body shot of him. *whew* Thanks Lindelof & Cuse.

    – Sun is the new Penny? (resolute that her husband isn’t dead…going all out to find him…) Bonus: her spot-on acting upon reacting to the freighter going BOOM.



  6. Hunter Maxin says:

    So Ben spins the wheel, and…

    Poof, It’s one year later for him. Talk about exile.

    The question may not be where is the island, but where and when is it?

    Adam and Eve…Jack and Kate? Penny and Des?

  7. Jessica says:

    My thoughts were in line with most already posted: Charlotte/Emily, Sun referring to Ben. Just wanted to say that my guess on Ben not being able to get back to the island is because once it’s moved, he can’t find it again unless there’s another blip like the one Desmond caused that led the Widmores and flight 815 there. Also, on Locke leaving the island – he loved it so much that I bet he was willing to move (and thus leave) the island to get it away from whoever is trying to find/exploit it now. Maybe it really was suicide, given that he couldn’t get back after moving it.

  8. @Will, that’s the answer I thought of as well, but I still think there’s a mystery to be solved concerning the methods the “island” uses to attract folks. I don’t think Anthony Cooper just materialized out of thin air (though I’d love to see that happen).

    While I don’t think it’s as literal as Locke imagines, I also think there’s an explanation less esoteric than yours.

    Just sayin’.

  9. sam says:

    my entire family watches this show and i don’t know if any of you have seen the movie cloverfield, but i follow the viral marketing of lost and cloverfield. on cloverfield there is a oil company called tagruato, so i went to there website and looked at a day in the life of an employee, and they had a picture of the employee, it was the dharma instructional movie man! this gives you evidence that lost and clover field are linked because the employee has a dharma patch on his coat that i have never seen before, if you have any more links between these two, please tell me, BTW, i was laghing at my mom the entire time when they put the bunny with numbers in the time thing because when ben was talking about that earlier, my mom said that it didn’t mean anything

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