I can see my house from here

Back from Maui and never happier to be home.

Restful, relaxing vacation that, unfortunately, featured: sickness from the entire family, an injury to my father-in-law and little to no “Wowie” in any of it’s forms.

Still, a bad day in paradise is better than the best day at work.

But, after 10 days abroad, everyone wants their own bed and their comfortable, regular routines.

So, here’s my house, via Google Maps Streetview, albeit from several months back but still with the requisite car in the driveway.

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I should note that we’ve had some landscaping done – flowers mostly – and that the crepe myrtle has been trimmed back and is flowering. The bulldog by the front door remains.


Oh and pictures – RAW, non-JPG pictures of Maui – will be on Flickr soon.

2 thoughts on “I can see my house from here

  1. Mapping creatively…

    For a long while, I’ve had this crazy idea about private spaces – theme parks and sports arenas, mostly – utilizing Google’s mapping technology to provide people with rich, interactive experiences whether in the planning stages, at an event…

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