Owen Kenneth Miller: 11 Months

You know, aging is one of those topics you can reasonably ignore when you’re young.

You’ve got time.
It’s on your side.
The future is bright.
Your whole life stretching out before you.

Kids change that equation.

Where once you had wedding anniversaries (or friend’s weddings), football seasons or job-related deadlines, you end up tracking height, weight, teeth, crawling, walking, talking and a myriad of proto-school milestones.

Basically, you get to re-live your own youth, where all memories are firmly cemented to a grade or a memorable vacation. Only this time, it’s your daughter’s Pre-K graduation or Son’s birthday that help you remember the year.

So, it is with great pride and a more than a little “has it been *that* long” that I let you know that Owen Kenneth Miller is already 11 months old! Time flies.

He’s teething now (cutting 4 of his top, front teeth at once) near-walking (cruising, they call it) and adorable as the day is long.

I love you, O-wee-O!

Oh, and since I’ll be Lost-deprived for another 8 months or so, I should point out that what Neighborhoodies is trying to do here is what I did almost 3 years ago. It earned me C&D from Disney and about $300 bucks.

So I do measure the passage of time in other ways besides children. I measure it in Lost blogging. 😉

Lastly, I’m thinking of doing a parenting podcast. Would love to hear what folks think about hearing parenting “advice” from the likes of me.


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