Lost Dharma Initiative T-Shirts

Buy a Lost Dharma Initiative T-Shirt from me!
Impress your friends with your topical coolness!
Enjoy the meme while it lasts!

Get ’em while they’re hot (or before I get a Cease and Desist letter from a Disney lawyer).

Lost Dharma Initiative T-Shirt

Lost Dharma Initiative T-Shirt

Dharma Initiative logo on the front, Lost numbers (4 8 15 16 23 42) on the back.

UPDATE: I’m getting tons of orders, so I wanted to thank folks for buying. Also, if you don’t feel like dropping some dough on a shirt, please click a text ad and help me defray the cost of my own popularity.

UPDATE II: Shirts now available in black!

UPDATE III: CafePress has shut me down under pressure/threat of legal action by Disney. Huzzah! Read my full report.

UPDATE IV: you might be able to find shirts on Zazzle now.

19 thoughts on “Lost Dharma Initiative T-Shirts

  1. The Octagon symbol on ABC’s Lost

    What is the strange octagonal symbol on all the items within the hatch on Lost? Is it a Ba Gua Octagon? Is it an I-Ching bagua. Are these the same thing? Is it a Dharma?
    The three things seem inter-related, but I’m not Eastern Religions expert…

  2. Lost: Orientation

    Not exactly the episode I wanted or expected, but very good nonetheless. Again, I’ve got a list of takeaways:

    Gotta love that Dharma Initative, brought to you by the Hanso Foundation – look below the last link and you’ll find the…

  3. john morris says:

    Please do one on a black t shirt with white logo and numbers…I’d buy that.
    Otherwise it’s the best designed version of a Dharma T i’ve seen yet

  4. Lost Dharma Initiative T-Shirts now available in black

    The Lost Dharma Initiative T-shirts I’ve been selling are now availiable in black.

    Well, it will be for sale just as soon as Cafe Press gets it’s act together. For the life of me I can’t figure why the shirt isn’t “on…

  5. Tee Style…

    Yesterday in a meeting I mentioned my awesome Mooninite Tee as potential fodder for my firing. The room roundly agreed that wearing it a work would be more than scandalous; it would be detrimental to my continued gainful employment.
    Mental note: don&#8…

  6. Johanna Ailio says:

    T-shirt was not the one in the picture. I ordered the one with the Dharma Initative logo and there was none, only the numbers on both sides of the shirt. Cheating!

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