Separated at Birth: Maria Bello and Mary McCormack

It’s systems like blogging and twitter that allow simple questions such as:

Am I the only one who thought Maria Bello & Mary McCormack were the same actress? They were both on ER for crying out loud! Blogging this.

To be answered thusly:

Yep. Just you.

Quickly and succinctly, I should add.

But I still think that somehow the two women are related.

Sure, Maria Bello has a skoch more indie cred, but they were both on ER and maybe that’s what has me confused.

Or maybe the fact that they’ve both been brunettes for film and TV roles.

Or that they share a certain passing resemblance to a third actress whose name escapes me, but whose face is fairly familiar. A blonde Mary-Louise Parker, maybe?

I don’t know anymore.

Here are the separated at birth stats:

  Maria Bello Mary McCormack
  Maria Bello Mary McCormack
DOB Apr. 18, 1967 Feb. 8, 1969
Height 5′ 5″ 5′ 8″
Hair Blonde Blonde
Eyes Brown Brown

I’m not the only one that sees the resemblance between these two either.

Anyhow, just some silliness for your Tuesday afternoon.

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21 thoughts on “Separated at Birth: Maria Bello and Mary McCormack

  1. If I was watching ER in reruns, so that their episodes were aired closer together or sometimes intermixed, maybe I’d get them confused.

    For me, though, I knew who Maria Bello was for years before Mary McCormack became a John Wells favorite (ER and WEST WING), so it was easy to separate them as “indie star” and “new woman on WEST WING.”

    Both fine actresses, though.

  2. I used to have TNT on in my office all day (caveat: I work there) and I must have gotten confused then.

    Since becoming a father almost 5 years ago my non-TV pop culture consumption has drastically dwindled, so I may have had them mixed up for some time.

  3. Hi there,
    I do the same thing with Amy Adams and Isla Fisher. And usually, when I think of the name of one, the other’s name escapes me. Like gorgonzola and garbanzo, for whatever reason, I can’t remember both at the same time.

  4. Ha! I’m glad someone agrees with me for once! Many, many times have I thought two people looked alike, and no one else sees it. Ooo, I thought of another one, I think Julia Roberts could pass as Monica Potter’s older sister. The eyes, the mouth?

  5. saint1 says:

    i never watched er, but did watch in plain sight and payback with mel gibson, and thought they were the look at them in those shows and see their features. thanks

  6. Wendy says:

    Oh my God! I have thought for months that Mary was Maria! It’s been driving me nutz! I thought that Maria had some messed up plastic surgery. Thank you for posting this. I kept telling my husband that she used to be on ER but had a bad facial!!! Lots if Nip/Tuckin??? Laughing at it now! Thanx

  7. Dan B says:

    Just watched 1408 and thought Maria Bello was in it until I saw the credits. If Maria Bello does not want to do the next Mummy movie, they can hire Mary McCormack. This may explain why they hired Maria Bello for the last Mummy movie. It certainly could not have been her resemblance to Rachel Weisz.

  8. Jojo Dancer says:

    It is freaking scary at how much they look and sound alike. I was watching Payback with Mel Gibson and started thing Mary McCormack really has let herself go since she shot that film. Only to discover that it is Maria Bello.

    It’s scary and surreal.

  9. Jackie says:

    I thought that too!!! Saw her as an SVU star and asked where I saw her before since the name didn’t click. The Hubby suggested In Plain Sight. THey are sooooo similar!

  10. c says:

    No I thought so too!!! Actually I was just wondering if “In Plain sight” got cancell ´cause I just saw the trailer for Maria Bello´s new show… crazy things.

  11. Bridgette says:

    Watched Maria on NCIS Tuesday, and swore I knew her but couldn’t remember the name. Turns out, she’s a dead ringer for a young Lindsay Wagner.

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