Things I should have tweeted

Whether it’s because I’m not quick enough or clever enough or that I’m self-censoring myself because my tweets populate my Facebook status, I get the distinct feeling everyone is missing out on some incredible, unwritten gems.

Here, then, are the digital effluvia you’ve been denied (or spared from):

  • Raelyn @ dinner: “It can be any size plate as long as it’s large”
  • Poop Diem == The daily allotment of diapers Owen is allowed
  • Cruttons (N): literally, crotch buttons or a button fly enclosure

Jenn asked to “put the thought and word ‘Cruttons’ out of my mind” which is a tweet in and of itself, but I couldn’t help myself. I’m something of a sniglet sympathizer/nostalgist.

Of course my most recent tweet likely reads like a geek’s attempt at humor. Better than some geeks’ attempts at romance, I suppose.

Anyhow, better tweets (and writing) are forthcoming, though I doubt I’ll be back on the Friday Ficlet wagon any time soon.


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