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I’m on a bit of a social networking/new media roll this week.

Last night I participated in my first podcast for the Georgia Podcast Network, a round table discussion/beer tasting/face off between Miller Lite and Bud Light.

I won’t spoil the outcome, but I think we came to some interesting conclusions and great topics while drinking two of America’s most popular beers.

Better than the beer and the conversation – by a wide margin – were the participants, all of whom brought a seriousness and gravitas to such a pressing issue as light/lite beers.

Rusty (who currently eschews blogging for podcasting & twittering)

A good time (if not good beers) were had by all.

I should note that most of us started earlier with SweetWater 420s or, in James’ case, Budweiser and finished the same way.

In between, we rambled and sampled our SABMiller/Coors Lite and InBev Light, told bad jokes and sweated into the early evening.

I likely didn’t contribute as much as I would like – our somewhat recorder-shy and definitely overworked server said more – but I had a good time. Here’s hoping I’m invited back for the Hipster/Douchebag beer podcast which is both forthcoming and now-late.

Additionally, I’ve had the opportunity today to meet with local blogger and social media gadfly Dan Greenfield of Bernaise Source.

We had a lively afternoon discussion about the work I do, the local blogging/social media scene, the future, entertainment and all points in between.

Nice, sharp guy and a wonderful shady spot for a talk. Can’t wait to see how his piece turns out.

Anyhow, it’s nice to feel a part of the greater “community” – if such a thing exists – of local new media folks.

Here’s to more fun, camaraderie and information exchange in the future.

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