Playing politics

Political opinions: I have them.

Many of you who know me personally probably already appreciate my bent/affiliation/allegiances. Or you’ve read my previous endorsement. 😉

Today’s lazy-blog treads similar territory.

First, a great little “which candidate is right for me” quiz/test from ABC (they call it Match-o-Matic). It re-confirmed my suspicions but was very informative and fun. I didn’t try to game it or cheat; I answered honestly.

If picking your choice gets you jazzed to follow the numbers religiously, check our perspctv and get some perspective. And buy a vowel.

Now that the serious stuff is out of the way, two pieces of funny.

First, the always-inspiring, insightful and humorous Ironic Sans takes a look at a different kind of hopeful campaign: A New Hope.

Second, some pre-season political sketches from Frank TV (which airs on TBS, one of the networks I work for):

Whitey McCain:

Obama’s Secret Bar:

YMMV on all of this, but if you’re following politics this cycle one of those has to stick.

Oh, and here’s SNL’s Palin/Clinton opening sketch too:

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