The Birthday List

I never plan out my birthday – presents I want, places I’d like to visit, things I’d enjoy doing – and so my best birthdays have been the one where Jenn (who knows me perfectly) does the heavy lifting. See my 30th birthday recap for evidence.

Anyhow, since it’s a Friday and we’re less than a fortnight (that’s 2 weeks for those of you scoring at home) from #32, I thought I’d offer a (mostly) tongue-in-cheek list of things I want for my birthday.

Plus, I’ve done nothing but lists all week, so why change now?

  1. Crystal Head Vodka
  2. A glass skull as a bottle? Check.
    Dan Aykroyd as your pitch man/financial backer? Check.
    An 8-minute ad that reads like a Ghostbusters 3 viral video? Check.

    I *so* have to own a bottle of this stuff. For my birthday.

  3. A suit to make me look like Don Draper
  4. I’m completely harping on the topic of Mad Men, but since I’m going as Don Draper for Halloween, I need the suit.

    Here’s the interview that makes me love the character, the show and the actor, Jon Hamm, even more than I should: Jon Hamm, star of TV’s Mad Men, reveals the secrets of manliness in a postmodern world

  5. Console Wars Veteran – Pin
  6. I would never really pay €18.00 for this (or expect a loved on to do so) but I think I’ve earned an honorarium or some kind. Maybe a WoW action figure for my desk at work?

Other than these things (and some new headphones and a new iPhone case – both of which will be purchased this weekend) I couldn’t be happier.

I really don’t need more stuff in my life. I just want more time to be with the folks I love, taking advantage of all the stuff.

Happy Friday!

One thought on “The Birthday List

  1. I Am Don Draper…

    Clearly, I need help. I’ve made good on my promise to dress as Don Draper for Halloween.
    First, I blogged the facial hair, then I blogged Mad Men and now I’m clean-shaven and I *am* Don Draper.
    Pics below:

    More shots of me AND Jenn as Don…

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