Commerce imitates Commentary

I don’t want to be too brazen and call this Spam, but Hormel has a new ad out there that steals a trope from an old episode of The Simpsons, Treehouse of Horror VI, to be precise.

In the ad, a suburban mother drives home with her Hormel insta-meal and this raises the ire of local advertising icons/statues who come to life and pursue her home. Here’s the video:

I can’t find the corresponding Simpsons video, but Wikipedia has a helpful description and an image.

For those interested in more information on Homer’s nemesis in that episode, Lard Lad, it seems like the Simpsons Wiki has a small entry and that he features prominently in one of the Simpsons videogames and Todd McFarlane Toys has some kind of playset devoted to the episode.

Of course, The Simpsons were just commenting on Pop Culture so it’s no surprise that advertising would then comment on the commentary for commerce, right?

My head is spinning. The lesson: do not piss off statuary associated with dining establishments. They will come to life and hunt you down.

Lesson learned.


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