I’m not the world’s best or most prolific photographer, but I know what I like to shoot and I know my limitations.

I’m also not one to over-process things too much or post-edit my work, but tiltshifting is the exception.

Thanks to tiltshiftmaker now anyone, me included, can make cool miniature-esque vignettes from their existing landscape photos.

Thinking of it like shooting a model train or cityscape through a Lomo or Poloraid.

It’s cool. Check out my meager results:

The original photo:

Vegas strip, looking north

First attempt:

Vegas strip, Tiltshifted

Second attempt:

Vegas strip, Tiltshifted

The source material isn’t bad, it’s actually the only shot of any city I have from such a high perspective.

I think to realize the full power of these shots you’ve got to follow the rule of thirds a little bit better and also be able to zero in on some fun action like people or cars to get the sense of fun scale.

Check out some other cool examples on Tiltshiftmaker and Smashing Magazine.

There are Photoshop how-tos and a Wikipedia entry, for those dis-inclined to using the free online tool.

Anyhow, it was a fun diversion for a Friday afternoon.

As always, I pledge to take more photos and upload them to Flickr. Hold your breath. 😉

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