Is ShamWow Vince the Nutrigrain dude?

Maybe I have too much time on my hands.
Maybe I watch too much television.
Maybe I should spend less time thinking about infomercial personalities.

Lucky for you I do, I definitely do and I haven’t, respectively.

Shamwow Vince is actually Vince Offer (nee Offer Shlomi?), best known for threatening to sue Scientology and actually suing the Farrelly Brothers (and losing).

Where is he a winner, you ask? He’s winning at the game of infomercials, just don’t tell Billy Mays.

I’m a big of Vince (and his nuts) so I thought I’d pose a simple question, seeing as Vince was/is an actor/director (check out The Underground Comedy Movie, source of his legal wrangling with the Farrellys): Is Vince the dude from the brilliant Kellogg’s Nutrigrain ad?

Here’s Vince and Nutrigrain side by side for your discussion:



I don’t actually think they’re the same person, but I’m finding it harder than I anticipated to figure out who did the Nutrigrain ad (a viral hit a few years back) and whether or not it actually aired. If you know any details about who made it (agency, actors, etc) and if it was shown on TV, let me know.

And if you see Vince, buy a ShamWow to help fight Scientology and tell him I like his nuts.

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2 thoughts on “Is ShamWow Vince the Nutrigrain dude?

  1. random guy says:

    Er, clarification — it was made by Turnpike Films, which no longer exists, but the main guys from there appear to be Substation K now, or something along those lines.

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