Lost: The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham

I’ll get this out of the way early: if you don’t want a casting spoiler, don’t click and if you don’t want a programming/scheduling spoiler, don’t click.

Now, where were we? Dead then Reborn Locke? Sounds good!

No big deal tonight, just a stream of consciousness.

Tropes/Stuff you may have missed:

  • Rebirth
  • Locke is become Christian. He comes to the island in a box and wakes up a man in a suit.

    Oh, and how awesome that Locke should be wheelchair bound again.

  • Numbers
  • Widmore’s quick dial is “23”.

  • Life Magazine cover
  • Early on Caesar finds a Life Magazine whose cover talks about the hydrogen bomb and is dated April 19, 1954 – the same year as Locke makes his way to the camp in this season’s episode “Jughead“.

  • Ben’s Map to the Temple
  • Originally given to Alex, it was shown in the same scene as the Life Magazine cover and was spirited away by Caesar.


Who took the third boat from the Ajira 316 camp along with Frank Lapidus?
If the two other boats stayed at the Ajira camp, wouldn’t that mean Caesar and Alana are/were shooting at Sawyer/Juliet/Faraday/Miles?
When is the Ajira 316 crash?
Why did the Oceanic 6 just disappear? (My guess: different rules apply if you’ve been to the island more than once, but that doesn’t fully explain Ben)
When are the Oceanic 6, then, in relation to the Ajira 316 survivors?
How in the hell was the Dharma Initiative able to air-drop food to the island (think back to Seasons 1 & 2) and who would have been doing it with all the upheaval of leadership (Alpert/Widmore/Ben/Locke)?

Answers (or shitty guesses):

I think Richard Alpert is more important than we can know right now. I think the fact that he was on the island (or I believe he was) during Widmore’s turn as leader, Ben’s turn and Locke’s turn means he’s no dummy.

I also think it’s likely that he’s a descendant of some older inhabitants of the island, like those that came from the Black Rock.

I think that Eloise Hawking is also vital to the story, as she seems to have a long history with the Dharma Initiative and Ben killed Locke to keep him from her.

The next thought isn’t actually an answer, but a question: how nice was it to see Ben kill Locke after pleading with him not to kill himself? Really nice. I *LOVE* evil Ben.

That being said, I don’t trust either Widmore or Ben with the island, but I do trust Locke. I think he’s just enough of a wise fool – he “knows” what the island wants/needs but he’s not privy to all the backstory (much like us) – that he couldn’t foul things up too much. But then again he’s done the exact opposite at times.

Who would you want running the island?

I’m also a big fan of the theory that Hawking had a falling out with Widmore and won’t help him because she’s got irons in the fire as well. I figure everyone has an angle, even Alpert.

The first person to do something truly selfless for the island or show the levels of faith that Locke has (maybe future Jack?) wins the keys to the island.

Oh, and interesting theory from last week’s comments or maybe this comment recap post: Jack’s grandfather is Jacob?

I think I’m spent. Tell me what you think in the comments.

I know I missed a ton. Let’s start hearing those theories. It’s getting to be that time in the night.

6 thoughts on “Lost: The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham

  1. You’re welcome, Anne.

    I’ll add a few more points/questions:

    Why did Ben have the reaction he did when Locke mentioned that Jin was alive? Was it just information for him to use against Sun to make her return?

    Why is it that both Widmore and Ben want (or say they do) Locke to lead the island?

    What was it about Locke’s knowledge of Ms. Hawking that made Ben kill him?

    What is the current relationship between Widmore & Hawking? Between Ben & Hawking?


  2. I’d like to think that the Ajira crash happened in two different times – Oceanic 6 in the past; Locke, Ceasar, Isabel in the present/future – but two islands, for sure.

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