Of Muppets and Scandals

I’m no fan of Jimmy Kimmel, but his use of Muppets (Ernie and Cookie Monster of Sesame Street) to explain the Madoff Scandal is inspired. [via Guy Kawasaki]

It’s just a pity that Sesame Workshop has had to scale back its operations in this economy, because without them our children isn’t learning. 😉

I’m also obliged to link to all the other Muppet stuff I’ve had collecting dustbunnies in a draft post over the last month.

And while I normally wax philosophic (though mostly just sophic) about the meaning of my domain and whether or not that means I’m compelled, obligated or just mildly amused to post Muppet-themed stuff here, I’ll just say this: enjoy your Friday with the Muppets!

Happy Friday!

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