Lost: Namaste

Tonight’s episode of Lost seemed tailor-made for my specific areas of expertise. I’ll go into that … now.

  • Hurley the Bulldog
  • I guess it’s actually more like a shout-out to Josh Holloway (Sawyer) who grew up in Georgia and attended UGA for a while, but it’s cool for this UGA grad to see Hurley in a Dawgs hooded sweatshirt.

    And check out the link in the bullet because Jorge Garcia (Hurley) actually responds in the comments.

  • The Muppet Show
  • I’d need to go back and check that the intro is the correct intro for 1977, but in the scene where Jin is watching the monitors in The Arrow station, the top left monitor is displaying the song & dance number at the beginning of The Muppet Show.

  • The many role reversals of James LaFleur
  • He’s now a thoughtful (non-brooding) reader to Jack’s (now) zen and former impulsiveness?

    I also dug that Sawyer had the opportunity to torture Sayid to get information from a “hostile” (as he was tortured by Sayid in Season 1) he didn’t.

Some questions:

  • When is the Ajira 316?
  • So, not 1977, and I’m pretty sure it’s the future but when?

  • Why is Sun NOT in 1977?
  • Is it because she wasn’t pregnant or traveling with Ji Yeon? I’m open to theories.

  • What does it mean that the 1977 Losties know what will become of Ben & Ethan?
  • Two of the creepiest moments tonight were when Amy told Juliet that she and Horace were probably going to name the baby Ethan and when Sayid learned that the boy who brought him his sandwich was Ben. (What a rotten sentence!)

    Anyhow what does that particular shift in the power structure mean?

    I’m still stuck in Austin in my mind so I don’t know if I’m thinking correctly about all the previously-agreed-upon narrative structures of all this time travel, but I’d really love to hear what others think about those little nuggets.

I’m missing tons of stuff and I’m doing this for the first (only?) time on a laptop.

Put me straight.

Until next week …


7 thoughts on “Lost: Namaste

  1. At least one of the title cards went from the Ajira flight to the Dharma era and said “Thirty Years Earlier.” Or maybe it went the other way and said “Thirty Years Later,” but the point is that I think we’re supposed to presume the Ajira flight did no time traveling.

    Also, remember that Sawyer’s been a reader all this time. He was hoarding paperbacks, and he went through that spell where he needed glasses assembled from parts so he could read without hurting his head. Now he’s got new (er, old) glasses and plenty of books. Seems like a decent three years on the Island for Jim LaFleur.

  2. I thought about the future possibility when they landed, but had already forgotten about the idea of a future-landing for Ajira by this week. I just assumed the state of Otherville was a result of bombs and gunplay and shenanigans during the standoff that got Alex killed, plus the three years since the Oceanic 6 made it off the Island. Hmm.

  3. I said the same thing to the man last night “oh crap, why is Sun in the future/present? Can’t be the present b/c the buildings are still in tact in the present. Is it the baby? And where is Walt?”

    Unrelated: had a thought on the ship – I would suspect it’s there because the island popped up under it without warning during one of the shifts.

    The man’s theory is that the island is Atlantis.

    I think they’re going to be stuck on spin cycle for the rest of their lives. Present self in present day, present selves in past days…but my brain got tangled up in this: where are we with Fereday and not changing the future. Do Jack and Sawyer and Kate somehow get off the island (the 30 years ago version) and influence their normal timeline selves to get on the plane somehow? The sub is still around so in theory, they could get back to the mainland and tinker with the future…

  4. Oh, oh! And you know how Ben had folders for each of the Losties? I think it’s because of the interaction he’s about to have with them. He meets them as a child and knows who they are and spends time collecting information on them so he’s ready to meet/screw with them when they crash. There’s something he wanted to do but couldn’t as a child and he’s determined to do it when Oceanic crashes and sets the stage for him. Or something. I know that wasn’t well articulated.

  5. Thank you, all, for making me smarter.

    I really am having a hard time figuring out the timing of the Ajira crash, though it may just be the actual 30 years after 1977 (so, 2007).

    This means the 3 years is “absolute”. Oceanic crash = 2004 + 3 years of craziness of and on the island = 2007.

    As for some of Maigh’s theories on Ben and Ethan: they are full of win! Thanks, Maigh!

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