Lost: He’s Our You

Ok, so tonight’s episode of Lost, He’s Our You, was really singular in its approach, which is odd for this season. As opposed to the multiple storylines/characters/narratives this episode was all about the duality of Sayid and Benjamin Linus.

Jumping right in tonight.

Did you notice?:

  • A Separate Reality
  • The book Ben shares with Sayid. Check the link; it’s worth it.

  • MacCutcheon
  • I really want to the official fake Scotch whisky of Lost now.

  • University of Michigan/Ann Arbor
  • The first reference to Michigan since the second season. Is an appearance by Gerald and/or Karen DeGroot imminent? Or maybe even Alvar Hanso?

  • Illusion
  • Name of one of the boats in the harbor in L.A. in Sayid’s flashback.

What do we think of the following?:

  • Prisoners
  • Sayid and Ben both enter other camps as prisoners. Not to mention all the similarities in their fathers and the persistence (Murder for Sayid; Manipulation/lying for Ben) of their natures.

  • Does anyone feel sorry for Sayid or Ben?
  • Sayid says that the next time he sees Ben there will be consequences and he makes good on his promise, despite the fact that it means – in his eyes – that he can’t change his ways.

    Was Farraday wrong? Can the past/future be changed? Is the book a signal that there may be alternate realities and not just time travel?

  • Oldham
  • Is he more than just the agent of this week’s title?
    Why is he living in that tent?

  • Ilana
  • Who was she really working for?
    Why Guam if that dude was killed in the Seychelles?
    What is her relation (if any) to Caesar?

So I don’t think Ben’s dead because I want to believe that the Rules laid out by Farraday are as close to Law as we’ve got. I’m not ready to give them up just yet.

That said, I also think we’ve got something more than time travel at work here. The “future” of the Ajira 316 crash seems different than the path our Lostaways were on, but then they all ended up in 1977 so who knows.

Bonus linkage:

Cool site: MetaLost

Cool video: Did Claire make an appearance in last week’s episode (Namaste) in the scene with Christian Shepherd?

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6 thoughts on “Lost: He’s Our You

  1. First, how great is this week’s title? Second, Ilana’s connection to Caesar is that both actors were in Hidalgo. (Not what you were looking for?)

    Now that the castaways are together in the same time again, and they’ve stopped traveling literally through time, the narrative has resumed its time travel via flashbacks. I like this dynamic a whole lot.

    Honestly, I don’t have much symbolism or dramaturgy to pick through right now. To me, this week was largely about incredible tension and a great collection of performances — notably by Naveen Andrews, who convinced me, wonderfully, how weird Sayid felt when he found himself laughing despite himself. Have we ever seen Sayid laugh before? (Not a lot of laughing goes on this show, admittedly.) And, of course, this episode seemed to designed to prime us for upcoming consequences and potential surprises. That ending? Damn you, Lost.

    The site’s new theme is killer, by the way, Seth.

  2. Love the new look!

    If we are still buying into the time travel “rules”, then Ben did survive the shooting and even worse, current-time Ben just got that memory.

  3. Presumably this is why Ben knew Sayid was a killer, right? And, since Sayid is the one who found Ben in the first place (in the show’s broadcast order, anyway), it may explain why Ben was wary of him. And how Ben justifies treating the castaways as he does — he’s already predestined to hurt them enough that Sayid will try to kill him (in the past) and… fail?

    I really love the hell out of this show.

  4. To address everything:

    * Thanks for the info on Ilana. Not exactly what I wanted but good to know just the same.

    * The title was fantastic. I love all the layers of mirror images and redundancies and shared experience. Creepy and captivating.

    * Thanks for the props on the new theme. I may tweak the colors a bit, but I’m very happy at the moment.

    * We’ve seen smiles but not laughter, to my knowledge. Naveen’s performance tonight was Emmy-worthy.

    I got into a heated discussion with my wife about seeing things from both the perspective of Sawyer/LaFleur and Sayid. She said she couldn’t understand why Sayid wouldn’t/couldn’t trust Sawyer but I thought Sayid’s response was one of the most simultaneously emotional and rational ways to approach his predicament.

    * This show just keeps getting better. I’m along for the ride and I’m finding more and more that I have less to say because I’m too busy enjoying myself and the myriad reveals and deft touches to worry too much about “figuring it out”. Anybody else get that sense?

    As always, thanks for the comments!

  5. E says:

    Ooooh. Russell brings up an interesting idea that I hadn’t thought of. After Faraday visited Desmond in the hatch, we then see 2007 Desmond suddenly remember the visit now that the timeline has changed. So the question becomes whether or not Ben remembered meeting Sayid when he was being held in the Swan, or if he’s just now being “struck” with the memory. Interesting and confusing.

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