Lost: Whatever Happened, Happened

Before I begin here are a couple of links you might have missed recently:

So the title seems like a nod to some of the time travel nonsense, but here are the bullets:

  • Hurley and Miles explain time travel
  • I really wanted Miles to draw M.C. Escher’s Moebius strip to make the explanation complete, but I think that’s the best metaphor.

    If you’re anything like my co-workers (or me on this blog sometimes) hearing two characters hash out the whys and what-fors of the whole time travel issue was refreshing.

  • Meet the new Jack
  • (Un)like the old Jack. The journey to the (pick your) side where Jack is become John Locke, is almost complete.

    [Insert maniacal, emporial, Vaderian laughter here]

    For what it’s worth, I like the new Jack especially when he talks of saving Ben, ergo:

  • Ben on the operating table. Again.
  • The dialogue tonight was top notch.

    The Hurley/Miles conversation from earlier/above and the Jack/Kate conversation about saving Ben were spot on.

    I’m paraphrasing here, but these lines are why I love Lost:

    “I’ve already done this once.”


    “Maybe the island just wants to fix things itself. Maybe I was just getting in the way.”

    See what I mean about Jack becoming Locke?

    Which brings me to:

  • Why did the Lostaways return?
  • Sayid came back to shoot Ben (or so he thought. See last episode/post/recap).

    Jack doesn’t really know, just that he’s supposed to. Very Lockesque.

    Kate claims that it’s to find Claire, but is that the real reason?

  • Patsy Cline’s “She’s Got You”
  • A nice little touch in the very beginning of the episode that leads us to believe Aaron might end up with Cassidy, when he actually ends up with Claire’s mom (I’m supposing?).

    The key line: “I’ve got your picture, she’s got you”

    Another killer lick: the woman woman who found Aaron in the supermarket looked an awful lot like Claire, which may have influenced Kate’s decision to ultimately leave him.

    How creepy was it that Kate had the feeling that it was about time for Aaron to be taken from her?

    Of course it’s the loss of Aaron that Kate replaces with the saving of Ben, so there’s that.

  • When is Ben?
  • Given all the other talk about time travel and the emphasis on young Ben (and with a living, breathing Locke) the question becomes: is Ben in the past/present/future or somewhere/when else?

    I honestly don’t know but the episode certainly focused on a Godwin’s Law
    conundrum: if you could kill Ben (or HItler) would/could/should you?

    The whole storyline reminds of a great WikiHistory comedy piece. Brilliant stuff. Read it.

    Fascinating stuff on the Lost front as well and it looks like next week will give us some answers RE: Ben Linus.

    Can’t wait.

That’s all I’ve got for tonight. Let me know where I went wrong.

Good night!

4 thoughts on “Lost: Whatever Happened, Happened

  1. Anne Fitzgerald says:

    I call bullcrap on “Lost” tonight…in last week’s ep (and the recap tonight) Ben was CLEARLY shot slightly below his heart on his left side. In the opening scene tonight, the shot was non-fatal and on the right side of his body. Hmphf…

  2. I LOVED the time travel conversation. To me it was as if Miles was playing the part of the writers telling us how time travel worked and Hurley was playing the part of the audience trying to find the loop in the story. It ended with Miles being unable to answer Hurley’s last question.


    When Sawyer and Kate were taking Little Ben to see Richard; the others found them and Sawyer said to the hostile; “This kids been shot, and it’s both our problems.”

    What does that mean? Or am I reading to much into the dialog?

  3. Anne Fitzgerald says:

    The whole Miles/Hurley conversation was a big wink/nod to the fans…basically Hurley was us. I definitely feel hoodwinked by the entire ep, though. Waiting for the Newhart moment, you know?

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