Feeling stout

I too have encountered MNB’s “Stout Dilemma” – too heavy, too bitter, too alcoholic – and I’ve tried my best to walk it back at every opportunity.

I’ve found that most folks who can’t at least appreciate a good stout or porter don’t actually like beer as much as they like being drunk and/or acting sociable with a drink in their hand.

If you won’t drink the malty stuff (like porters & stouts) and you won’t drink the hoppy stuff (any good American ale) you’re no beer drinker.

End rant. Begin love affair with stout.

So after reading the NY Times article linked in their post, I thought that the Happy Hour I was going to last night at Taco Mac Metropolis should include ONLY stouts to quaff.

And so it was:

I started out with a McAuslan’s St-Ambrose Oatmeal Stout:

McAuslan St-Ambrose Oatmeal Stout

Next, I sampled a Kona Pipeline Porter:

Kona Pipeline Porter

And I finished up with a Left Hand Milk Stout:

Left Hand Milk Stout

Two salient points:

  1. I don’t feel “stout” having drunk these beers. The style generally, and these examples specifically, were quite well-suited to “session” drinking and I didn’t feel fatter or drunker for having imbibed them.
  2. Because I was with friends and coworkers I failed to note much else besides the names/styles of the beers. I feel bad that I can’t officially review them – other than to say that they were all delicious – but at least they counted towards my Brewniversity total

Since Autumn is a time to enjoy the company of others, to give thanks, and to celebrate I challenge you all to do this: share a stout or porter with a friend. If they don’t like it, more beer for you!

Happy Friday!

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