Variations on a theme

Compare and contrast, folks. Compare and contrast.

And yes, it’s not timely of me to link to those places, but you find things when you find them. Apologies if you’ve seen them already.

I’m not sure which execution I like better, but I admire the spirit and the moxie quite a bit regardless. Creating something – anything (memorable or not) – is still an audacious act.

Which sets up this:

I’m doing NaNoWriMo again, mostly because I’d like a free, printed copy of my book this time around. I don’t know that my idea is any better or any worse, but I’m approaching things from a more positive place in 2009.

Wait a day or two; that might change.

Here’s some of my inspiration. More to come (via updating) later.


3 thoughts on “Variations on a theme

  1. yay! Misery loves company. At least you have an inspiration and ideas. . . mine is a freeform mess already. Fun, though. Beats not creating anything at all.

    So, does yours have something to do with mole people? The ones that live subterranean? That whole thing creeps me out, but my husband is enamored of them, so there is a reader for you!

  2. Thanks for the words of encouragement, Annie. Sorry your comment got caught in the moderation queue.

    Yes, it’s a horror/monster type of Mole Man story.

    I may forward it along to see what your husband thinks (even though I’ll deduct -1 for being an Auburn man).


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