Tiny Fuppets

I’m not quite sure how to categorize Tiny Fuppets.

That’s not accurate; I know exactly how to describe it:

A faux Portuguese cartoon patterned after the Muppet Babies cartoon of the 80’s and being brought to the internet by it’s creator.

If that doesn’t quite reel you in, there are some links and embeds below. It’s a very self-aware satire of the cult of personality of Disney/Henson types, 80’s cartoons and internet distribution.

At least I think that’s what’s going on. Maybe it’s just a hipster honeypot. Watch & decide.

Tiny Fuppets on YouTube
Tiny Fuppets on Tumblr

There’s even a section on the official site devoted to their feature films, such as “A Caper Involving Balloons” and “The Lord Renews Our Spirit”.

In the two weeks since the Tumblr account started publishing they’ve added another layer of mockery and parody: a knock-off cartoon of Tiny Fuppets called Juniors Minis (also in Portuguese).

The whole thing seems to be the work of Scott Gairdner and it’s all a bit meta, but I enjoy it.

I discovered all of this craziness on BuzzFeed, but it pales in comparison to actual Muppets whose video, along with OK Go, just hit the internet this morning. You can watch that one too.

Happy Tuesday!

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