Separated At Birth: New Orbitz Guy & Leon Redbone

Ok, this one’s really a stretch, but I tweeted the thought last night and the act of publishing it didn’t make it any less sticky.

Consider this blog post the wet-nap for my own mental process.

You’re welcome.

Now, obviously, these two weren’t actually separated at birth and the most likely explanation is that a creative director at BBDO (the agency behind the ads) is just a big Leon Redbone fan.

If only the spots had some tin pan alley tunes for music, they’d really be on to something.


The new Orbitz pitch man from their “When you Orbitz, you know” campaign:

Orbitz Guy
Orbitz Guy

Leon Redbone:

Leon Redbone
Leon Redbone

Note the white suits, mustache, poet’s notch and skinny tie. If only our Orbitz friend wore that hat and glasses combo, he’d be Leon’s clone.

Here’s the spot that started the train of thought. More at their official YouTube channel.

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