Steve Jobs & Sesame Street

Shortly after the news of Steve Jobs’ death rippled through the internet last night, Grant Robertson posted the following picture to his blog:

Steve Jobs with a mustache, leaning on a monitor showing Sesame Street Muppets

Apple, the Mac & Steve Jobs always had a close association with education. The first computer my family bought was an Apple IIgs back in 1987. My high school papers were all written on it and I ended up helping out in the Mac lab during high school doing repairs, tech support, light cleaning & general keeping of the peace.

I loved those Macs then and I love all my Apple products now.

Of all the brands that touch my life and inspired me to get a job on the web, get into marketing and continue my quest to becoming more creative (as a photographer & writer), none is as important or influential as Apple.

I think it’s fair and understandable for folks to compare the Jobs to the likes of Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Walt Disney or even Frank Lloyd Wright.

For my money, he compares most favorably to Jim Henson. Jobs was even honored with a Jim Henson Celebration Honor last year.

Both were taken ahead of their time by illness.
Both spurned/resisted takeovers by their rivals.
Both defined themselves as much by what they didn’t do as what they did.

I’d like to think that Jobs’ influence on the Disney Board of Directors helped resurrect The Muppets in their current (and future) form.

I know that both men, Jobs & Henson, shaped my childhood, my adolescence and my adult life.

Both creative, relentless and assured in the creativity and goodness of others.
Both gone too soon.

I miss them.

Turns out someone I follow on Twitter is having similar thoughts today.

Thinking Differently, trying to find the Rainbow Connection today.

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