Happy 75th, Jim Henson

Without the inimitable talents of James Maury “Jim” Henson I wouldn’t have a blog titled “Mostly Muppet” and I don’t think I’d have the same sense of humor, the same outlook on life or a career in the entertainment industry.

Jim would have been 75 years old this past weekend.

Thanks, Jim.

Here’s a video concerning the creation of the interactive Google Doodle that featured creatures (digital puppets) from the Jim Henson Company that you might have missed.

If I can ever find a cached version of the Google Doodle itself, I’ll post the link. Heck, they’ve still got that Pac-Man game logo going strong, why not let more folks play with the Jim Henson puppets and export their video? Same concept as the Les Paul doodle from earlier this year.

Either way, fun stuff.

Happy Tuesday and Happy birthday, Jim Henson!

Also, if you haven’t seen the fantastic student film Overtime that I linked to/hosted many blog years ago, please watch it. As fitting a tribute to Jim Henson as ever there was.

UPDATE: Google has made the interactive Muppet doodle available!

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