Separated at Birth: Murray Saul & S.D. Nemeth

I’m not going to compare the tale of the tape here – no heights, weights, eye colors, birthdates or such – just the audio tape.

Murray Saul is most famous for being an Ohio businessman, salesperson and for his appearances on WMMS 100.7 FM in Cleveland, Ohio. The ones where he’d scream “It’s Friday!”.

Here’s an mp3 featured on BoingBoing way back when.

For folks (like me) who grew up listening to the old 96 Rock in Atlanta, you’ll remember their usage of this audio in the late 80’s on through the 90’s.

Here’s a YouTube video (picture unrelated) of a similar “rant” delivered by Murray Saul:

Compare/contrast that audio with the character Bixby Snyder (portrayed by S.D. Nemeth) in the Robocop films. You’ll remember him as the “I’d buy that for a dollar” guy.

Here’s a video refresher and a little behind-the-scenes background (if you want to jump down that particular rabbit hole):

Judge for yourself whether or not these two are secretly the same guy or not.

And here’s some more background information on Murray Saul in case you’re interested.


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