Is your inner Dilbert being helpful?

I’m not sure where I fall on the knee-jerk reaction to technical inaccuracies spectrum, but I do give most folks the benefit of the doubt as they try to explain Apps, APIs & such.

Even in the roles I have (and have had) I’ve never been the most technical, but I do pride myself on being a good cypher/translator of geek to human.

Where do you fall on the continuum of newbie to nerd?

Do you find yourself agreeing with Dilbert (via phampants) or with SocioSage (via sheatsb)?

Curious where my blogging, twittering crowd sees themselves (and their role in making this problem better or worse).

Is technical accuracy a cudgel you use to bludgeon others or do you try to meet them in the middle and shepherd them to better understanding?

One thought on “Is your inner Dilbert being helpful?

  1. maxwelldog says:

    My inner Dilbert ran across me in the hallways of my imagination, and said that he had a lot of bills to pay, and that it wasn’t personal, but I’m fired.
    I got fired.

    oh well….
    takes things in stride, eh?
    Actually, I am NOT a doctor, but I play one in my mind while eating bon bons and watching my soaps…
    Yes, today I’m watching the pink one that looks like a shell and has a fragrance similar to those blue cakes in the urinals.
    I think, move along, move along…
    These aren’t the droids you were looking for.

    About the internet.
    Holy feathers! I graduated from a college, my degree in commercial art, and the college actually FOUGHT against the idea of teaching us how to use computers.
    That would explain why 218 job interviews later, NOBODY hired me.
    The two questions, “Are you trained for computer?” and “do you have experience with computers?” were mystifying because, well…could I even turn the danged thing on if I lied and said, “yeah! Why, “computer” is my middle name. Just turn it on and I’ll show you some stuff!
    It’s already on…
    yes…so it is.

    At sixty, I find my time withering away like some body parts, and have no idea what to do about it.
    I still don’t know how to best advertise my wares (I’m an artist, not a lingerie salesman) (under wheres?)
    I have a dozen blogs
    I have a twitter
    a facebook
    I had a myspace, but they melted away out from under me one day when I realized I had too many blogs and thingies.
    Had is big with me.
    I HAD two Xangas
    I had a blog at AAC
    ART Blog on Ning
    Design blogs, music blaogs
    writers blogs
    blog blog blog blog…
    I have a naked blog called HNT (half naked thursdays) and now I post my nudes there.
    OK…usually the FUNNY nudes.
    and, as this is close getting to be longer than your post, I should quit, right?

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