Is your inner Dilbert being helpful?

I’m not sure where I fall on the knee-jerk reaction to technical inaccuracies spectrum, but I do give most folks the benefit of the doubt as they try to explain Apps, APIs & such.

Even in the roles I have (and have had) I’ve never been the most technical, but I do pride myself on being a good cypher/translator of geek to human.

Where do you fall on the continuum of newbie to nerd?

Do you find yourself agreeing with Dilbert (via phampants) or with SocioSage (via sheatsb)?

Curious where my blogging, twittering crowd sees themselves (and their role in making this problem better or worse).

Is technical accuracy a cudgel you use to bludgeon others or do you try to meet them in the middle and shepherd them to better understanding?

Playing To Type

First, a firm grasp of the obvious:

I have a blog with “Muppet” in the title.
I do the whole “Separated at Birth” schtick. A lot.
I have great friends & commenters.

Second, a perfect storm (using MATH):

This comment:

Christopher Meloni looks abit like Bert from Sesame(not sure how u spell that) Street, in a kind of cute way.

Plus this email:

I’m sure you’ve already seen it, but I’m assuming this is up your alley on multiple fronts…

Multiplied by my Tumblr entry:

Telly as Zack Braff is my favorite.

Which leads us, logically, to point #3: TMZ’s Celebrity Puppets — Sesame Street Edition

There are a ton of dupes here and a few more misses than hits than I could manage with similar source material, but it’s still worth a look if, you know, Muppets OR “Separated at Birth” shit is your thing. [HINT: they’re both mine].

YMMV, but still, enjoy.

Also, I don’t know that I’ve got this whole “blogging” thing down pat yet or if I’ll ever figure it out but for now I’m putting some things on the wackiness that is Tumblr, some dreck here and even more superfluous linkage and ephemera on Twitter, Flickr and the like. Follow or don’t.

(How’s THAT for an upsell?)


Previous incarnations of Separated at Birth:

Jeri Ryan & Cynthia Watros
Peter Lorre & Evan Handler
Lauren Ambrose & Hillary Tuck
Chuck Liddell & Sloth Fratelli (John Matuszak)
Dave Foley and Vicent Kartheiser
Javier Bardem & Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Maria Bello and Mary McCormack
Gerard Butler and Clive Owen
Christopher Meloni and Elias Koteas
Lisa Rinna and Nicholson’s Joker
Janine & Mariska

Here Comes Trouble

This year’s Cinco de Mayo festivities provided the perfect cover for me to shave my beard and join the ranks of the mustachioed for the coming Summer months:

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

I think I looked like a cross between Anil Kappoor and Sam Elliot, but I’ll let you click through and be the judge.

Sadly, Jenn made me remove the upper lip caterpillar and now I’m left looking facially bald. I even had a co-worker remark that I looked 20 years younger.

Which would make me twelve.

Which is not flattering.

But I smiled anyway (to her face).

Anyhow, here are some fun tumblogs for reading at work. One is serious, another inspiring and another is hilarious.

The last one is my Muppets tumblog.

  1. Hospital Food
  2. Moleskine Art
  3. Awkward Family Photos
  4. Mostly Muppets

Happy Friday!