Here Comes Trouble

This year’s Cinco de Mayo festivities provided the perfect cover for me to shave my beard and join the ranks of the mustachioed for the coming Summer months:

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I think I looked like a cross between Anil Kappoor and Sam Elliot, but I’ll let you click through and be the judge.

Sadly, Jenn made me remove the upper lip caterpillar and now I’m left looking facially bald. I even had a co-worker remark that I looked 20 years younger.

Which would make me twelve.

Which is not flattering.

But I smiled anyway (to her face).

Anyhow, here are some fun tumblogs for reading at work. One is serious, another inspiring and another is hilarious.

The last one is my Muppets tumblog.

  1. Hospital Food
  2. Moleskine Art
  3. Awkward Family Photos
  4. Mostly Muppets

Happy Friday!

Meditations on Facial Hair

I’m a hairy dude. Always have been, always will be.

Manscaping, short hair for Summer and facial trimming aside, I’m always just a follicle or two away from being mistaken for Sasquatch (a nickname I was gifted in high school) or Grizzly Adams.

To be fair, I’ve cultivated some of it myself. Hard not to if you’ve got a nigh-unibrow. But still, I like to think I’m creative and fun-loving in my executions.

Enter The Expanded Beard Type Chart. It’s pure genius, you’ll want to click.

For old-schoolers who prefer photography to illustration, there’s also a handy Beard Trimming chart from 1884 out there on the interwebs. Worth your time as well.

We all know what happens when I decide to stray from my standard Van Dyke, don’t we? If not, feast on these:

Yukon Cornelius Seth

Fu Manchu

Thoughtful axe murderer

Maybe this is the year I tackle Whiskerino. I like the idea of doing nothing and getting a bird’s nest in return.

We’ll see what the wife says. Stay tuned.