The Beginnings of Personality

In the life of any child – whether it’s your first or (in my case) your fourth – there comes a time when you can really start to see what they’ll be like as a kid or even an adult.

Our youngest, Imogen Rose, has just crossed that threshold at 10 months. She’s just on the cusp of walking, she babbles incessantly and she even waves “goodbye” if you ask her to.

This past weekend we spent nearly the entire 48 hours out on our back patio enjoying the gorgeous Spring weather and the sounds of our newly-repaired water feature. Imogen joined us in her UFC-style octagonal playplen and some interesting results emerged, photographic evidence below:





For those of you with children, this kind of behavior is pretty commonplace, but this was our first chance to see Imogen press her face against a surface. The more we smiled & laughed, the more she did it. The kid was an incorrigible performer.

She would also lean her back against the side of the playpen and fall backwards for the cradling effect of falling. She missed a few times as well – the backwards aim of an infant/toddler is unsurprisingly suspect – but she was having a blast.

In a crowded field, amongst her 3 older siblings, she seems sweet, silly and sure of herself.

I can’t wait to see what her little personality shows us next.

Happy Thursday!

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