The Only Way Out Is Through

I’m a longtime listener (first time caller, natch) to 5by5’s Back to Work podcast.
I was out of work for a while earlier this year; I got laid off.
I’m in a new job now.

New company.
New role.
New people.

Yesterday I learned some upsetting news about my former employer and favorite old colleagues. Not just old as in former, but old as in seasoned. Professionals. Folks that had been there a long time.

So I did what any friend and good coworker would do: I picked up the phone and made some calls.

I got a few voicemails and some texts, but I finally got through to a couple of them.

One was a man who had been my manager. I told him to stay strong. Offered sympathy & support. “This too shall pass”. I think he was genuinely happy to hear from me. Mission accomplished.

The other was a colleague and friend still working there. A little frightened for the future. Not quite sure if things would get better or worse.

We talked for almost an hour then it was time to wrap up. I asked him to have coffee & we agreed on the place and a general timeframe.

Then I made a big change. I had Siri set up the meeting right then & there. On the phone while I was on the phone.

I’m still not perfect at ubiquitous capture, but Evernote helps.

Technology is only one piece of the puzzle. The other is actively choosing to make decisions NOW, not some time in the future.

I wrote it down to remember it THEN, not remember it later.

It’s something I’m doing in my new gig. Writing it all down in an effort to get more of it done.

Merlin Mann is fond of saying the only way out is through. True in productivity as it is in life or your career.

My thoughts go out to all those unfortunate folks this week. Those struggling with joblessness and those struggling to make sense of productivity and “work”.

The only way out is through.

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