A few Springtime beer thoughts

In no particular order …

  • If I’ve only had 3/10 of the beers on this list, how long should I give myself to finish?
  • Canned beer season doesn’t really begin, for me, until Summer, but I’m willing to make exceptions.

  • Normally I’d apply Betteridge’s Rule to the headline “Bored by IPA?” but there are other styles out there.
  • In my household Creature Comforts’ Athena is always welcome, but we like Gose’s too, especially Westbrook’s. I also dig Saisons, Creature Comforts’ Brettomatic, Wakatu Sour and anything else sour or funky (from Spring to Fall, it just seems right).

    And yes, even a hop-head like me gets tired of drinking nothing but IPAs.

  • Not all sponsored content should be made. Case in point: Guinness
  • I get it. The first dark beer I loved was also Guinness Stout, but this was in an era before craft brewing became the norm and Pete’s Wicked Ale was hard to find. If you really love dark beer (and craft beer for that matter), you’ll take the point of the second link and drink some great Bocks & Doppelbocks. I’d imagine the same sponsored content from someone like Shiner would be better, but maybe that’s damning with faint praise.

Until next time, prosit!

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