Playing politics

Political opinions: I have them. Many of you who know me personally probably already appreciate my bent/affiliation/allegiances. Or you’ve read my previous endorsement. 😉 Today’s lazy-blog treads similar territory. First, a great little “which candidate is right for me” quiz/test from ABC (they call it Match-o-Matic). It re-confirmed my suspicions but was very informative and […]

Lost Blahging

If you’re the type who reads TV Squad or USA Today’s Pop Candy, I’m doing little else than regurgitating what they’ve already covered today. Still, if you’re as much (if not more) of a freak for Lost as I am, you’ll appreciate the (little) effort. I won’t be having a Lost party, but the discussion […]

Embeddable Friday

I’ve already endorsed a candidate for President but since everybody and their brother has done this quiz, I figured I might as well and post the results: 88% Mike Gravel88% Dennis Kucinich80% Barack Obama78% Chris Dodd77% John Edwards75% Joe Biden75% Bill Richardson73% Hillary Clinton38% Rudy Giuliani34% Ron Paul31% John McCain24% Mike Huckabee24% Mitt Romney16% Tom […]