I’m tempted to say that I’ve got what plants crave, but that’s Brawndo and not Brawny. Entirely different cosplay.

As it stands we’re two days away from Halloween and I’ve dressed up as a more hirsute version of the Brawny Paper Towel Guy.

Old guy had a 70’s pornstache, new guy is clean shaven and me, I’ve got a full beard & glasses.


Old & Brawny


New Brawny Guy
Clean-shaven & Brawny


Am I Brawny?
The glasses are working against me.

Maybe it’s better if I buy that Brawndo t-shirt for next year and purchase the paper towels for Thursday night. What do you think?

Not sure I can outdo Don Draper or The Dude or Magnum P.I. this year, but what I lack in creativity I’ll make up for in facial hair, plaid & laziness.

Happy Halloween!