Capturing creativity

That whole Ficlet Friday experiment? Yeah, it was fun while it lasted but it seems as though I, along with everyone else, let it whither in the Summer Sun.

Sorry. If I’m blogging about writing – fiction writing – don’t deny me an allusion.

Cut to last night’s iPhone/iTunes update. I get an email from Chris @ NaNoWriMo about some site upgrade or another and it reminds me that while we may be 7 weeks away from the general election, we’re closer still to the start of NaNoWriMo.

And this is the year I finish.
This is the year I write like I’ve been exercising: daily
This is the year it goes into a document, not into the void or a dream or a lazy cubicle chat with a colleague.

Rather than continue making declarative statements that may not come true, I’ll link to a Psychology Today piece on creativity that induced both head-shaking agreement and head-shaking bewilderment. Why are creatives (and I’m being generous to lump myself in here) such dichotomies?

So how should I harness these dual impulses inside me to create … whatever it is I’m creating.

A novel? (Hopefully)
This blog post? (Definitely)

I’m thinking the solution, which came to me via Bump, is going to be Evernote.

Multi-purpose (good for grocery lists AND late-night ideas).
Multi-platform (Web & iPhone app)

Here’s the first “creative” thing I’ve captured using Evernote. Let’s hope I give it enough food and water to grow:

The fight isn’t the last stand
It’s the first stanza

Granted it’s only a fragment, a strand, a shard of an inkling of something larger, but I like it. For the moment.

My point is that at least the moment was captured. If I revise or delete or reverse or reconfigure later, the fact remains that I had the raw materials to begin with.

While I may feel sorry – surprisingly not too much – about the Ficlet Fridays petering out, I’m happy that, for the first time, I’m confident and assured by some semblance of process going in to NaNoWriMo.

More as I create more.

Happy Hump Day!

Weekend Weigh-in

Saturday we’ll fly from Atlanta to Maui for 10 days of paradise.

In the 10 days leading up to vacation, I’ve been trying to put in the last-minute cardio/push-ups/sit-ups.

Here’s the tally from the weekend:

6,500 steps on the stepper
250 sit-ups
200 push-ups

Not exactly Jack LaLanne or Arnold Schwarzenegger, but I’ll take it.

Here’s to more working out this week.

And since I didn’t post on Friday, here’s last week’s Ficlet, Unlisted Number.


Ficlet Friday: Mellow Yellow

Today’s Ficlet Friday: Mellow Yellow

Things are not as rosy as they outwardly appear.

Mello Yello isn’t tasty or quick or good.
Mellow Yellow isn’t a smoked banana peel.
Mellow Yellow isn’t a euphemism for a vibrator.
Mellow Yellow isn’t the pallor of liver failure.

The Ficlet today is all about the quiet desperation, the smiling through clenched teeth and the pain of keeping it to yourself.

I want to write more – here and in the Ficlet – but recent forces of nature are conspiring against me.

Better to speak in code or, best, say nothing at all.

Truth will out. Eventually.

Until then, enjoy my first (only?) vaguely autobiographical Ficlet.

Ficlet Friday: Clyde Corrigan

Today’s Friday Ficlet, Clyde Corrigan, is my own little attempt at historical fiction.

Here’s some background on the real Douglas (Clyde) “Wrong Way” Corrigan.

Initially I had the story titled Juddson Corrigan. First, because a co-worker’s husband is named Juddson (he goes by Judd). Corrigan just seemed to flow naturally. After that I did some googling and got my inspiration.

I stayed in my same romance mindset, but here it’s unrequited love instead of fulfilled, romantic love. Something different. You know, for the kids.

I also struggled a bit with the name of the woman but got it straightened out. From there it was your standard write/prune/re-write process I’ve employed before.

Not my best effort but one I’m happy to share. In fact, I had another concept slip through my mind while drifting off to sleep last night contemplating Lost.

This is the stand-in. I’m less than happy I had to use “Cali” as shorthand or instead of “CA” but those are the challenges of the Ficlet.

Hope you enjoy it. Comment and rate, please and thanks.

And please read the most recent stories from Thomas, Rusty and Will!

Ficlet Friday

Inspiration is a beautiful thing.

Witness “She And Him” inspired by She And Him (Zooey Deschanel’s musical project) and their song, “Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?”

why do you let me stay here, all by myself?
why don’t you come and play here?
i’m just sitting on the shelf
why don’t you sit right down and stay a while?
we like the same things and i like your style
it’s not a secret, why do you keep it?
i’m just sitting on the shelf
i gotta get you presents, let’s make it known
i think you’re just so pleasant, i’d like you for my own
why don’t you sit right down and make me smile?
you make me feel like i am just a child
why do you edit? just give me credit
i’m just sitting on the shelf

Happy Ficlet Friday!