Crossed Paths

When you’ve been married a long time (over ten years in our case) it’s easy to forget the romance and magic of your courtship and early married life, the time(s) before you had three kids.

When you’re first married, you say things like “soulmate” and “destiny” (Just not too loudly, as it induces vomiting in others).

And when you see the story of a married couple – who lived in different countries as children – appearing together in a photograph taken while they both vacationed at Disney World well, then, you blog it.

I initially got the story from Peta Pixel who was quoting BoingBoing who ran with the story as reported by The Disney Blog. The story even made CNN today.

When I mentioned the story to Jenn last night both of us got chills. Watch the video above and tell me it doesn’t stir you in some way, especially if you’re married or coupled.

It reminded us both of many of the stories on Lost (yes, I’m officially a one-note broken record) but also of an encounter that occurred in our own past, before we “met” officially.

Way back in the Fall of 1993 I was a high school Drum Major leading my marching band at a competition and Jenn was a color guard member who got to lead bands from the staging area to the football field.

That night was especially cold in Georgia (for October anyhow) and we both have vivid memories of the competition and the cold. I remember being led to the field by two color guard members in their lettermen jackets one of whom could easily have been Jenn.

It’s not quite the Disney World story above, but it’s our own little crossed paths story.

Do you have your own? Let me know in the comments.