Crossed Paths

When you’ve been married a long time (over ten years in our case) it’s easy to forget the romance and magic of your courtship and early married life, the time(s) before you had three kids.

When you’re first married, you say things like “soulmate” and “destiny” (Just not too loudly, as it induces vomiting in others).

And when you see the story of a married couple – who lived in different countries as children – appearing together in a photograph taken while they both vacationed at Disney World well, then, you blog it.

I initially got the story from Peta Pixel who was quoting BoingBoing who ran with the story as reported by The Disney Blog. The story even made CNN today.

When I mentioned the story to Jenn last night both of us got chills. Watch the video above and tell me it doesn’t stir you in some way, especially if you’re married or coupled.

It reminded us both of many of the stories on Lost (yes, I’m officially a one-note broken record) but also of an encounter that occurred in our own past, before we “met” officially.

Way back in the Fall of 1993 I was a high school Drum Major leading my marching band at a competition and Jenn was a color guard member who got to lead bands from the staging area to the football field.

That night was especially cold in Georgia (for October anyhow) and we both have vivid memories of the competition and the cold. I remember being led to the field by two color guard members in their lettermen jackets one of whom could easily have been Jenn.

It’s not quite the Disney World story above, but it’s our own little crossed paths story.

Do you have your own? Let me know in the comments.

Weekend Recap

Since Jenn’s purse was stolen, I don’t have a credit card with which to renew my Flickr Pro account. For this reason, all the weekend recapping photos are brought to you by TwitPic.

I started the weekend out right, having a Terrapin 30 Strong at Taco Mac Austell on Friday, the day it was launched. Brilliant.

I followed this up with a Victory Hop Devil. Equally enjoyable.

We spent the entire day on Saturday at Zoo Atlanta – and I have a ton of great pictures to share – but the view of our clan relaxing with our afternoon refreshment is one of the best.

Started Sunday – Mother’s Day – with my awesome wife, the mother of our 2 great kids, at J. Cristopher’s for brunch. Good food but great company.

Ended the day on our back porch drinking a few beers together, amomng them a shared bottle of Terrapin Side Project Volume 5: Monk’s Revenge.

All in all a fantastic weekend with folk I love dearly and beers I drank heartily.

Weekly Recap

In an effort to put something family-focused on the blog with some degree of regularity, I’m going to start a new weekly feature here, a “weekly recap” post.

I’ll collect and connect some of the random Twitter messages and pictures along with some of the shorter, funnier anecdotes from the kiddies and try to develop a cohesive narrative.

Failing that I’ll just blockquote something from a song, add a wistful *sigh* and end with an iPhone picture of my backyard.


Here goes:

The big developments of the week were our trips (plural) to the dentist. I had to get some cavities (plural. again.) filled and Raelyn had her 6-month check-up.

Here’s the photographic evidence (non-gory) of my experience:

"The goggles do nothing!"
The goggles do nothing!
A god-damned sexual Tyrannosaurus
A god-damned sexual Tyrannosaurus

Jesse Ventura approves, by the way.

Raelyn’s visit featured a distinct lack of crying. No tears or complaints about x-rays, cleaning or fluoride. We’ve either turned a corner, dodged a bullet or turned a corner to dodge a bullet.

She did find out that two of her teeth were loose (how could she not know?) and saw the x-ray evidence of new teeth yearning to breath free. We had to make four separate phone calls to let grandparents and uncles share her surprise.

Here she is spreading the joy:

Raelyn on the phone

Then there’s Owen. This week, on the ride home from work, we did our best Bugs & Daffy impression while reading a book.

Owen: It’s a cow!
Me: It’s a sheep!
Owen: It’s a cow!
Me: It’s a sheep!
Owen: It’s a cow!
Me: It’s a cow!
Owen: It’s a sheep!

And of course the love of my life, Jenn, is doing well. She’s continually reminding me of all the reasons why I married her: her wit, her charm, her humor & love in the face of adversity. Oh, and her willingness to lounge on our back porch after work and drink a beer while the kids play.

Loving everyone (even you) this Friday. See you next week!


You know, today’s morning commute was much like all the rest. Unremarkable except for a slightly less congested ride no doubt due to the gas shortage in the Metro Atlanta area.

And then this conversation started from the back seat.

Jenn: Neigh
Owen: [Unintelligible]
Jenn: Hey Seth, how do you neigh
Me: Excuse me?
Jenn: You know; how do you make a neighing sound, like a horse. (She was reading Owen a farm-animal-themed book and needed creative direction)
Me: RRRheeeeeeherrrrrrrr! Phffffffffffffff!!!!11!!!Eleven *Gums Flapping*
Jenn: Yeah, but that doesn’t sound like “Neigh”
Me: But neither does a whinny. I don’t think it’s an onomatopoeia like “quack” or “bark”
Jenn: And neither of those sound exactly like the noise.
Me: Like “meow”.
Jenn: Right.
Me: Right.
Jenn: So how do you neigh again?

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

If only every morning were illuminated with the light of such discourse.