Two-year-olds and aggravation: repetition is the key

Over the weekend I seriously considering penning a work of academic nonfiction entitled “God & Gutenberg: The Church & Copyright” until I realized that I was both nonreligious and not Larry Lessig.

My only prior knowledge of Gutenberg being downloading some eBooks from the Project that bears his name and my experience in the church was mainly centered around Methodist “Vacation Bible School” as a kid.

Thankfully for everyone, I’m not writing the book, I’m staying willfully ignorant of all the history surrounding Gutenberg (I get the Movable Type thing) and I stopped going to VBS after age 12.

What does this story have to do with two-year-olds? We both get strange ideas in our heads, apparently.

Owen (my two-year-old) got an idea stuck in his head this morning and it wouldn’t let him go. Over the weekend he injured his big toe by dragging it behind him (without his shoe on) to stop his scooter. Having already nearly ruined two pair of shoes in the same manner, he went about destroying his digits.

So after getting a band-aid this morning, the hot topic at the breakfast table was “Is my band-aid still on?”

The “conversation” went like this. Twelve times in a row.

Owen: Is my band-aid still on?
Me: Yes
Owen: Is my band-aid still on?
Me: Yes
Owen: Is my band-aid still on?
Me: Yes
Owen: Is my band-aid still on?
Me: Your band-aid is still on.
Owen: Yeah, it is!

Seriously. Twelve times.

And not Twelve verses, Twelve conversations of the exact wording and length as above.


In the process of dropping him off at daycare I warned them of his obsession which means one thing: he didn’t mention it once. Until I got there.

I love that kid. He and I both need to learn to let go though.


Weekly Recap

In an effort to put something family-focused on the blog with some degree of regularity, I’m going to start a new weekly feature here, a “weekly recap” post.

I’ll collect and connect some of the random Twitter messages and pictures along with some of the shorter, funnier anecdotes from the kiddies and try to develop a cohesive narrative.

Failing that I’ll just blockquote something from a song, add a wistful *sigh* and end with an iPhone picture of my backyard.


Here goes:

The big developments of the week were our trips (plural) to the dentist. I had to get some cavities (plural. again.) filled and Raelyn had her 6-month check-up.

Here’s the photographic evidence (non-gory) of my experience:

"The goggles do nothing!"
The goggles do nothing!
A god-damned sexual Tyrannosaurus
A god-damned sexual Tyrannosaurus

Jesse Ventura approves, by the way.

Raelyn’s visit featured a distinct lack of crying. No tears or complaints about x-rays, cleaning or fluoride. We’ve either turned a corner, dodged a bullet or turned a corner to dodge a bullet.

She did find out that two of her teeth were loose (how could she not know?) and saw the x-ray evidence of new teeth yearning to breath free. We had to make four separate phone calls to let grandparents and uncles share her surprise.

Here she is spreading the joy:

Raelyn on the phone

Then there’s Owen. This week, on the ride home from work, we did our best Bugs & Daffy impression while reading a book.

Owen: It’s a cow!
Me: It’s a sheep!
Owen: It’s a cow!
Me: It’s a sheep!
Owen: It’s a cow!
Me: It’s a cow!
Owen: It’s a sheep!

And of course the love of my life, Jenn, is doing well. She’s continually reminding me of all the reasons why I married her: her wit, her charm, her humor & love in the face of adversity. Oh, and her willingness to lounge on our back porch after work and drink a beer while the kids play.

Loving everyone (even you) this Friday. See you next week!


It’s Sunday but we have another day off tomorrow. A holiday.

Jenn and Rae are seeing Mamma Mia with Dottie.

Owen and I are at home with the animals:
Folding clothes
Going outside to see the fish and hear the waterfall
Watch some football
Do some light exercise – stairs for him, following around and sit-ups for me

Easy, breezy day (and I blogged from my phone).